Whether you are an entrepreneur, parent, athlete or a senior, Mar works with clients from all walks of life.
All health and lifestyle sessions are custom designed to fit your unique needs.

Mar’s holistic health and lifestyle private sessions can include one or more of the following:

Work/Family/Life Balance                             Time Management

Business Planning                                           Stress Management

Business Coaching                                          Weight Loss

Core Strengthening                                         Strength Training

Lower Back Pain                                              Toxic Free Living

Fatigue                                                               Insomnia

Anxiety                                                               Depression

Nutrition Coaching                                          Sleep Coaching

Baby Planning                                                   Pregnancy

Postpartum Recovery                                      Yoga Therapy

Life Coaching                                                     Self-Care

Each session is one hour long and may be done in the privacy of your own home, outdoors, over the phone, by email, or Skype.

Private Consultation

In person $150 per hour
Phone $50 per 30 minutes
Email $60 per email
Private Classes

Individuals $75 per hour
Couples $120 per hour