Breath by Breath® 

Mar’s signature class, Breath by Breath challenges each participant to slow down and reconnect with their body. Release tension while unwinding and relaxing the mind. This class focuses on redirecting overwhelmed energy from the mind to free up tension and restore balance in the body. A great class to address stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and depression. All levels welcome.

Conscious Parenting Workout

Yoga for Pregnancy & Child Sleep

Yoga for Stress

Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Postpartum

Pre & Post Natal Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance for Parents



Work your core using a series of exercises in the most balanced way. This class blend a variety of techniques from yoga, Pilates  strength training, and dance.

Bebe Yoga™

This style of yoga was created for parents and parents to be. Each class is designed to awaken the inner child within ourselves so that we may bond with our children and integrate them into our practice to feel more relaxed, energetic, and free. Classes also consist of poses that are carefully selected, using breath, meditation, and play.